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dystopiagirls's Journal

Dystopia Girls
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This community is devoted to the female members of the subcultures that our deteriorating society has spawned. In other words: goth, punk, raver, mod, indie, and emo girls. The days of the cheerleader and the prom queen are nearly over, and we're wasting no time bringing in the new group of sex symbols.

This is a forum of the mind as well as the body. It's a place where we might be able to build something out of the shards of our shattered dreams. Creativity and expression are our ultimate goals.

Join to see, or to be seen. To hear, or be heard.

Join for notoriety, or to meet some new people.

Join to post pictures of yourself and/or your friends in various states of dress and/or undress. Nudity is fine, and in fact welcomed. Just make sure you post your pictures Friends Only, and that you're over 18.

If you need help finding web space, I'll be happy to oblige. E-mail me for details.

Hell, e-mail me for any reason. Questions, comments, praise, or complaints... they're all welcome.