Breezey (breeze1770) wrote in dystopiagirls,

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I don't know if this community is a good place to vent this particular angst but here goes.....
Today a "friend" making derogatory comments about PETA decided to top his uneducated, narcissistic dissertation off with the comment, "they're all just a bunch of lesbians that dress like men.."
WTF! What does that have to do with anything?
why does it matter who a woman fucks or if she prefers pants? what if she fucked hundreds of men? is that better for people like this? Then she's a slut?.. i've been with a few men ... and a few women and it's my buissness... why does that fact weigh in on weather or not a woman is effective at her job or as a mother.. don't judge us because we prefer pants or pussy!...
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