Inviso (invisowizard) wrote in dystopiagirls,


All right everybody.....

It's time to crawl out into the blinding light.

It's time to participate. Get motivated.

...unless you're just camping out hoping to see some nudity. It's okay, really. You guys just sit there and wait. There'll be some soon. I promise.

The rest of you... You're really bored. I know you are. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. Alleviate your boredom temporarily by:

*Making a spiffy icon or two for this fine community. We'll do some voting or something later.

*Advertize wherever you think it'll be accepted. We can make this community one of the most impressive here. We just need to get the word out. Hit the exhibitionist communities. Leave a happy little note on the journals of all those girls who you know would be perfect for this community.

*Write something. Somebody is bound to be creative. None of this recap of the day crap. That's for your own journal. Post your philosophical ramblings, rant about the metamorphosis of our collective moral codes, hypothesize about the origin and direction of current dystopian subcultures... If you post anything as simple as "Goth girls are hot." I will personally fill you with candy, hang you from a tree, and use you as a pinata.

Well? What are you waiting for!?
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