Guy Mann (gmann) wrote in dystopiagirls,
Guy Mann

Cyberpunk Daydreams

From this high tower i observe the world flit by
Its passing whims are barely noticed in the endless currents
Lifting and flowing inward
The data which constructs this time and place is brushing past
We cannot possibly take notice of every thumbtack we see or notice every face of those who are our possible or future friends
I run gentle damaged fingers through the flow
Tasting salty tears as i bring them to my lips
The rivers go deep as oceans and beneath each kernel of knowledge there is an infinite history
To delve deeply means to drown
And as you pass it will be the taste of blood and semen and tears
The taste of life
I'm going to come crashing down someday
My place washed away in the passage of time and i will be sucked under
Pulled down by the fierce undertow of time and dreams
Sucking in the thick fluids of life and calling out the name of the nothing which is sacred
In that time will i be able to join the endless flow
Without physical presence i will pass through and into the world of numbers
Without the shackles of the physical i will be free
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