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hey all. i was the first member here (other than invisowizard obviously) but i've been a little busy lately. however, i was thinking while at work today. now, i work at the local mall ~ unfortunately. we get every type of idiot imaginable. it just occurred to me that the only type of person that i've never had come into the store and do or say something stupid that pisses me off are the dystopian types. i've never had one come in, look at the sign right in front of them (NOW! LIMITED TIME! $12.95!) and go, "how much is that?" i've never had a one pick something up and open it, listen to me explain that i'm sorry, miss, we have no testers, and still proceed to use it.

and so, my question. do you think that i don't get aggravated with dystopian types because i am one of them, or because they are generally more intelligent, respectful and unbiased? or are they just more respectful of and unbiased towards me because i am one of them? i don't know, but i'm certainly not going to argue with it.
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