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Chomp Saturday 
08:11pm 11/06/2005
mood: sushi full

tonight, we went to Chomp in Fullerton. check it out @ Chomp Sushi

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
matt's halibut

sushi faceCollapse )


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dope ass van 
10:10pm 29/05/2005
mood: Barbie High
i was in Naples today.
i saw this van there.

it's a pretty dope van, yo.
peep this bitches...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

did you see the license plate? "I♥KENZI" too stinkin' cute.

the owner of this van MUST contact me...

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03:07pm 17/05/2005
mood: depressed
my name is Daily.

i am a lost child of the microwave generation.
i have shattered dreams, colored hair and tattoos.

love me as your own.
i am daily's wasted youth.

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Hey there! 
06:18am 06/02/2004
  New community! Sorry if you think it inappropriate to advertise here...

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The Gun Street Girls (Punkrock Burlesque) 
02:43pm 11/04/2003
  Hey, you guys! I just wanted to let you know about a punkrock burlesque troupe I joined a few months back called The Gun Street Girls. If you're interested in that sort of thing at all, please check out our Yahoo group:


Yes, that is Queen Latifah sporting one of our hooded sweatshirts. Two of Miss Bella Berreta's friends in NYC gave it to her.

The actual GSG website needs a serious update and we're meeting about that this weekend. I'll be doing a snappy redesign and will let you all know when it's done. We have upcoming shows in both Portland and Seattle, and tentative plans for others in NYC and San Francisco.

Danke. :)

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'Bout time... 
07:27am 02/11/2002
mood: Z?
I'm finally making a post in here! I just finished watching Doom Generation for the million and thirty-third time. I have such a fondness for that movie! It's so completely ridiculous! Anyways, I suppose I'll post a pic for you all to drool over ::Cheshire grin:: Enjoy!! *wink*

Eye CandyCollapse )

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10:11pm 01/11/2002
mood: amused
I never update to this community. In fact, I don't believe I've even posted an entry before. If you have the sudden urge to click the link below, I'm not responsible for the damage done to your monitor.

[Unknown LJ tag]

Neat, huh? [Yes, it is me] Consider this my introduction of sorts. I'm a young woman flying solo who works in a porn shop and lives in fucking suburbia. Nice to meet the rest of you.

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01:52am 25/10/2002
  Make some fucking noise!!!

A community is nothing without participation. Say something, post something, do anything but sit there and wait for someone else to make the first move.

You've got something you need to share. Especially the females, seriously. You're the reason this community exists. Show us something. Mind or body, it doesn't matter.

Take a look at the list of members. People are watching, waiting.

Give 'em something to fill the void behind their eyes.

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Cyberpunk Daydreams 
12:38am 10/10/2002
  From this high tower i observe the world flit by
Its passing whims are barely noticed in the endless currents
Lifting and flowing inward
The data which constructs this time and place is brushing past
We cannot possibly take notice of every thumbtack we see or notice every face of those who are our possible or future friends
I run gentle damaged fingers through the flow
Tasting salty tears as i bring them to my lips
The rivers go deep as oceans and beneath each kernel of knowledge there is an infinite history
To delve deeply means to drown
And as you pass it will be the taste of blood and semen and tears
The taste of life
I'm going to come crashing down someday
My place washed away in the passage of time and i will be sucked under
Pulled down by the fierce undertow of time and dreams
Sucking in the thick fluids of life and calling out the name of the nothing which is sacred
In that time will i be able to join the endless flow
Without physical presence i will pass through and into the world of numbers
Without the shackles of the physical i will be free

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11:16pm 09/10/2002
mood: contemplative
hey all. i was the first member here (other than invisowizard obviously) but i've been a little busy lately. however, i was thinking while at work today. now, i work at the local mall ~ unfortunately. we get every type of idiot imaginable. it just occurred to me that the only type of person that i've never had come into the store and do or say something stupid that pisses me off are the dystopian types. i've never had one come in, look at the sign right in front of them (NOW! LIMITED TIME! $12.95!) and go, "how much is that?" i've never had a one pick something up and open it, listen to me explain that i'm sorry, miss, we have no testers, and still proceed to use it.

and so, my question. do you think that i don't get aggravated with dystopian types because i am one of them, or because they are generally more intelligent, respectful and unbiased? or are they just more respectful of and unbiased towards me because i am one of them? i don't know, but i'm certainly not going to argue with it.

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07:44pm 09/10/2002
mood: annoyed
I don't know if this community is a good place to vent this particular angst but here goes.....
Today a "friend" making derogatory comments about PETA decided to top his uneducated, narcissistic dissertation off with the comment, "they're all just a bunch of lesbians that dress like men.."
WTF! What does that have to do with anything?
why does it matter who a woman fucks or if she prefers pants? what if she fucked hundreds of men? is that better for people like this? Then she's a slut?.. i've been with a few men ... and a few women and it's my buissness... why does that fact weigh in on weather or not a woman is effective at her job or as a mother.. don't judge us because we prefer pants or pussy!...

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04:07pm 09/10/2002
  Okay. Here's an assignment for the foci of this community.

I know there are a few gorgeous girls who have already joined. [We also have a photographer hypnox whose work is simply amazing.]

Your assignment: Post something The suspense is deadly.

Post a picture. Post a thought. Post a picture of a thought.

I'm doing my damnedest to break the ice. It's a little thick here.

We need the warmth of your beauty to melt it.

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01:32am 08/10/2002
mood: accomplished
You know, one day I'll actually be able to resist a challenge.

You get extra ubergeek points for recognizing the source of the background art in these two icons.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any real art posted to this group yet to work from.

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12:25am 08/10/2002
  All right everybody.....

It's time to crawl out into the blinding light.

It's time to participate. Get motivated.

...unless you're just camping out hoping to see some nudity. It's okay, really. You guys just sit there and wait. There'll be some soon. I promise.

The rest of you... You're really bored. I know you are. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. Alleviate your boredom temporarily by:

*Making a spiffy icon or two for this fine community. We'll do some voting or something later.

*Advertize wherever you think it'll be accepted. We can make this community one of the most impressive here. We just need to get the word out. Hit the exhibitionist communities. Leave a happy little note on the journals of all those girls who you know would be perfect for this community.

*Write something. Somebody is bound to be creative. None of this recap of the day crap. That's for your own journal. Post your philosophical ramblings, rant about the metamorphosis of our collective moral codes, hypothesize about the origin and direction of current dystopian subcultures... If you post anything as simple as "Goth girls are hot." I will personally fill you with candy, hang you from a tree, and use you as a pinata.

Well? What are you waiting for!?

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07:55pm 02/10/2002
  This community is an extention of a website that is currently under development, and is devoted to the female members of the subcultures that our deteriorating society has spawned. In other words: goth, punk, raver, mod, indie, and emo girls. The days of the cheerleader and the prom queen are nearly over, and we're wasting no time bringing in the new group of sex symbols.

This is a forum of the mind as well as the body. It's a place where we might be able to build something out of the shards of our shattered dreams. Creativity and expression are our ultimate goals.

Join to see, or to be seen. To hear, or be heard.

Join for notoriety, or to meet some new people.

Join to post pictures of yourself and/or your friends in various states of dress and/or undress. Nudity is fine, and in fact welcomed. Just make sure you post your pictures Friends Only.
If you need help finding web space, I'll be happy to oblige. E-mail me for details.

Hell, e-mail me for any reason. Questions, comments, praise or complaints, they're all welcome. The address is DystopiaGirls@postmaster.co.uk

To join, click here.

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